Beyond our predictable limits there is a place of pure, powerful possibility that enables us to achieve our natural potential. This is an elusive place, you will not find it on any map, it cannot be programmed into a satnav and yet it is always just around the corner, so close we could reach out and touch it. So why is it so elusive to so many? Why can we get so close yet fall short of this desirable destination? The answer my friends is simple, we cannot see it for the false veil of fear and self-doubt we carry and hold out in front of us creating a predictable barrier. I say false because in my experience as a coach I have helped hundreds of people to cast aside and breakthrough this veil and step into their own awesomeness to achieve the greatest potential possible. The good news is you can too.

The challenge is to see the veil in the first place. It often takes the form of the familiar, the quiet tranquil stability of our comfort zone that holds us back from our true potential. Why change? I’m very comfortable here, why risk it all? Good questions and I always reply ‘Can you stand in the way of nature?’ No, of course you can’t. The thing is we all have the force of nature within us and when it is released the burst of energy will change our world and neither you nor anyone else can stand in the way. I often witness this transformative release of energy when my clients come for their second coaching session having reflected and acted upon their true power of potential possibility.

Freja first came to me feeling frustrated at not realising her full potential in her career. I have never coached a more peaceful, graceful and gentle client. On first meeting even I thought ‘Why change? I wish I could be so at peace.’ Like a graceful swan on a millpond Freja’s projected veil of fear belied the frantic paddling against the current going on beneath the surface. We discussed the power of nature story and Freja got it straight away, it opened the floodgates and she went away to create a new story that would help her paddle with her natural flow and not against it.

Two weeks later and Freja came back to my office. ‘OK, who are you, and what have you done with Freja?’ I asked. I couldn’t believe what a massive change had occurred in such a short time. The best thing I could do for Freja was to acknowledge and celebrate her immediate success and then get out of her way, she was on a roll and woe betide anyone or anything that gets in the way of this Swedish bombshell.

I first considered this force of nature metaphor when I first visited Sweden in 2015 I had been invited to give a talk on transformative reflection at the University of West Sweden in Trollhattän. The cultural beauty of the city struck me immediately. The tranquil lakes and locks, bronze sculptures and the hospitality of the staff and students at the university completely captivated me. After my talk I was invited to witness the opening of the falls to generate electricity from the latent power of the tranquil ponds above the plant. It was breath-taking to witness such a release of natural power, just as it had been to witness it in Freja. Beyond the predictability of our comfort zones, behind the veil of fear that holds us back there is a place of pure possibility where we can achieve our natural power of potential.