With around 80% of my coaching and hypnotherapy clients specifically asking for help with weight loss and weight management I recently added Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band to my portfolio of techniques. This technique involves talking the client through an imaginary operation in which the size of stomach is reduced in their unconscious mind, just as if a real gastric band had been fitted by a surgeon. This technique is so powerful it even caught me out.

Following Sheila’s extensive training I took my first VGB client through the whole process and we were both extremely pleased with the results, but there was a catch, the best catch ever! On the evening of the first session when I was about three mouthfuls through my delicious pasta bake dinner and I had to stop, I just couldn’t eat another forkful. To my wife’s amazement I said, “Oh my God, I’ve hypnotised myself too”.

Four weeks later my client had lost 16lb and I had lost 14lb, and without dieting. Yes, I was eating less, but only because I was feeling fuller quicker. I was still eating the same food as normal and certainly not following some can/can’t, red/green, all/nothing diet regime. I believe this guilt free approach is what makes it work so effectively.

Even though in the early stages I was still eating the occasional cake, albeit very slowly so I could thoroughly enjoy every morsel, knowing that was all I was going to eat, it wasn’t long before my body was telling me exactly what it needed. I would never have imagined myself craving a carrot or a floret of broccoli, but I did.

After a couple of weeks, I was eating more healthily and feeling so much more energetic that I even started going back to the gym. My client reported doing exactly the same.

Whilst it wasn’t my intention to fit a Virtual Gastric Band to myself, having now been through the process and experiencing the weight loss through the very real feeling of being fuller quicker, I’m convinced of its power. The proof of this technique was certainly in eating less of the pudding, whilst enjoying it even more.