2017 is a time to be yourself and I mean your true self, but who are you and how do you know? A good place to start is rembering what you enjoyed doing most as a child, how you played, and your favourite way of being creative. Try it, it won’t be long before a smile appears on your serious grown up face as you remember who you were. I like to think we are a constantly developing story and that our early playful creativity can still serve us well today if we only allow ourselves to remember our own unique way. This is at the heart of my executive coaching and whilst I truly enjoy facilitating creative mindsets with my coachees, ironically I have perhaps neglected my own creativity in the development of others’.

I wonder how many resolutions will be made today, Sunday the 1st of January 2017 and how many will be broken by next Friday, my own included? I would however like to add one more to the calculation that I am determind to carry through. After years of serious work and study I want this coming year to be fun in my own creative way, to be my true self, but who am I? Time to practice what I preach.

Reflecting on my childhood story I remember Dad teaching me how to paint and my fondest memory of all was my first real oil painting under his tutorship at the age of 6 ¾ yrs, a landscape of the the Isle of Skye. I remember struggling with the reflection of the setting sun and Dad took my tiny hand in his huge paint stained fingers and guided my brush to the pallete and laden with golden paint and in a few simple strokes it was done. Those shared brush strokes, seen in the actual painting above, marked the start of my artistic journey, a path I have somewhat strayed from over the subsequent 48 years.

My New Year resolution for 2017 is to paint for the fun of it, to be creative just like Dad and I would encourage you to remember your own unique ways of being playful and make 2017 a year of your own creative development.